Commercial Turf

Commercial Turf for Fort Lauderdale, FL

Synthetic Grass & Synthetic Turf Built To Last

Are you in charge of the grounds of a school, college, or business park? How much time and money do you suppose you spend on maintaining the grass every year?

Switching to synthetic grass or artificial turf can save a significant amount of money on water costs. You don’t have to worry about a dry spell turning the field rockier and harder. You also won’t have to worry about the use of potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers to help the grass grow.

Finally, many schools and universities that have artificial turf fields can rent out the field to local sports teams and other organizations to bring in extra revenue. Not only will you save time and money maintaining the lawn, but you may also be able to generate some extra income!

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South Florida Putting Greens LLC has been installing artificial putting greens, commercial putting greens, and commercial artificial grass in Fort Lauderdale, FL; Pompano Beach, FL; and all of South Florida’s Tri-County Area for 12 years.

We can install both synthetic lawns and artificial putting greens for all kinds of customers. If you’re a school official looking to save money on grounds-keeping costs, we can help! If you’re a golfer who’d like a little space in their yard to practice their short game, we have you covered.

No matter what your use for an artificial green or turf would be, call South Florida Putting Greens LLC to learn more about the benefits and receive a free quote today.