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Marketing and sales materials make purchasing and designing synthetic and natural turf systems a challenging task. Compass offers technically sound direction to help you move in the right direction toward the decisions which best suit the goals of your project. Compass offers over 20 years of experience developing and implementing synthetic systems for all sports. With vast technical know-how, Compass improves the value and quality of a project from start to finish. We offer a wide range of services, including: engineering, consultation, project management, installation, repair, and maintenance. Compass engineers long-term performance into every system for optimal turf surfaces with exceptional performance at the lowest cost and greatest attention to player safety. To build a better facility, you need better directions! Use the Compass Approach to Navigate the Field of Sports.


The Compass management group includes project managers, engineers, architects, and craftsmen. In addition, we are athletes, coaches, parents and recreation professionals. Our diverse variety of experience and skill-sets at Compass fosters a unique problem solving approach to facility surfacing projects. From coast-to-coast, Compass offers a comprehensive solution development process to for all your athletic surfacing projects. Our resources are experienced not only in the construction of quality facilities, but also in identifying the needs of public and private venues to develop comprehensive solutions in the design process.

Compass provides consultation and continuing education to design professionals and owners, constantly improving the state-of-the-art for Best Practice and most appropriate buildable solutions for park, arena, court, and field.

Building quality artificial turf fields is first about understanding the nature of facility use and surrounding environmental factors, and; second, about applying the proper science and technology to the building process. This is where Compass is unique in the field of artificial turf system design and construction.


These are a brief sampling of Compass’ capabilities. Compass’ role is defined uniquely and appropriately for each project. Our role is determined by how we will best serve our customers. Whether leading, consulting, or contracting; Compass’ expertise always improves the outcome of a project.

image005PROJECT MANAGEMENT Compass’ team has specific sports and recreation facility construction experience necessary to facilitate and manage all aspects of your sports or recreation field project. We take responsibility to direct projects, ensuring project budgets and schedules are met.


image006CONSTRUCTION Compass’ diverse array of craftsman and construction professionals provide comprehensive construction services for building high performance athletic and recreational surfaces of all types. Our professional team applies best-practice materials and methods for construction of durable sport fields on-time and in-budget.


image007INSTALLATION Compass employs the most experienced installation teams in the sports and recreation field construction industry for installation of the highest quality sports and recreation surfaces.



image008REPAIR At one point or another, all athletic fields require repair. Compass will return your athletic or recreation surface to its designed playability by offering quality repair materials and services.



image009MAINTENANCE Compass can develop and/or implement a maintenance program for your athletic or recreation surface. Our extensive experience, building and maintaining sports and recreation surfaces, gives us a unique perspective for offering intelligent maintenance programs designed to extend the safety and performance of your investment.


image010CONSULTATION Compass’ expert team can guide you as you navigate through the athletic field design process from conception to completion. With over 20-years experience is the design and construction of sports and recreation facilities, our team has the knowledge and know-how to guide you in the right direction.


image011ENGINEERING Compass’ resources assist in planning and design of synthetic or natural turf fields. Our expert team offers a full-service design-build solution to help you choose the best practice in materials and methods for building your playing surface project.

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